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The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) is an external massage technique that addresses the reproductive organs, digestive organs, as well as the alignment of the pelvis. It combines traditional Mayan abdominal massage with western naprapathic pelvic alignment techniques.

For more history about the lineage and origins of this technique, please click here and here. ​​

Benefits of ATMAT may include:


  • Proper alignment of the pelvis and uterus to reduce pain and dysfunction

  • Reduction of menstrual cramps and PMS

  • Improvement of gynecological conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids

  • Improvement of varicose veins

  • Reduction of edema in lower limbs 

  • Improved digestion and nutrient assimilation

  • Improved circulation and assimilation of blood, lymph, and hormones 

Fertility support:

  • Improved hormonal regulation

  • Cleansing & nourishing your uterus for enhanced fertility

  • Alignment of the uterine ligaments and positioning

  • Improved efficiency of reproductive functions


  • Improved fetal positioning

  • More easeful delivery

  • Reduced pregnancy discomforts


  • Support the correction of organ prolapse 

  • Assistance in hormonal regulation


  • Ease of peri and post-menopausal symptoms

  • Support the correction of organ prolapse 

ATMAT Lineage

The origin of some techniques used in Arvigo therapy have been passed down through millennia. Don Eligio Panti, a renowned traditional Maya H'men, or shaman priest, and Ms. Hortense Robinson, a Belizian midwife and traditional healer, were two primary teachers to Rosita in Belize.  

Don Elijio .jpeg

Don Elijio Panti

Ms. Hortense .jpg

Ms. Hortense Robinson


Rosita Arvigo 

Now offering Virtual Abdominal care sessions! In an abbreviated Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®  (ATMAT) session, Iara will review an in-depth intake with you, teach you the ATMAT self-care massage to be done on a daily basis at home, and email you a customized self-care plan that may include dietary, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions, as well as other potential self-administered therapies such as Castor Oil packs and pelvic steams.

Initial session: 75min
Includes a free 30min follow up phone call, a customized self-care plan emailed to you, and access to Iara for clarifying questions through email or text.  
Follow up sessions: 45min
Need a refresher on how to do the self-care massage? Have additional questions or issues to discuss? 

Ancestral and reparations discounts available to Black and Indigenous people.  

Pictured: Rosita Arvigo and her primary teacher, Don Elijio Panti.  



In addition to receiving bodywork focused on the abdomen and pelvis, an initial session will include an in-depth intake and instruction of a self-care abdominal massage to be done daily at home. A customized self-care plan will be discussed with you at your follow-up session.

Ancestral and reparations discounts available to Black and Indigenous people. 

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