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Prenatal and Postpartum Massage: Service

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage


Relieve discomforts, aches, and emotional changes that can accompany pregnancy and the postpartum period, with a specialist in the field. Iara is MotherTouch™ certified in Prenatal Bodywork, and is also trained as a midwife!

Relax into comfy cushions and pillows for a deeply restorative experience. Optional abdominal attention and external pelvic-alignment techniques in later pregnancy may support your baby into achieving an optimal position for labor, which can contribute to a more easeful delivery.

After you've given birth Iara can come to your house for a postpartum massage so you can focus on taking it easy with baby! Get in touch to schedule. 

"Iara's prenatal massage was incredibly supportive and soothing. She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth that I felt I could talk with her about anything that was going on in my body and she would offer insight and guidance. Her energy is so calming and she was always checking in to make sure I continued to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the massage. It was a completely restorative and uplifting experience. Highly recommend going to see Iara when you are pregnant- this is the exact type of care women need during pregnancy"


-Emily, artist and stay at home mom.

Positioning for Pregnancy

My Oregon-made bodyCushion™ allows for safe and comfortable positioning for prenatal and postpartum massage, including the option for face down massage! In the photograph above, Jane, who is featured in all photographs on this page, is 36 weeks pregnant and very content in the prone position. 


75 or 90min sessions are recommended due to the extra time that pillow and cushion adjustments can take.

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