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Traditional Thai Bodywork

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Outdoor Thai massage, down dog on upper
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Traditional Thai Bodywork can address a wide range of concerns and aspirations.  In Traditional Thai Bodywork, we consider all aspects of wellbeing, including physical, mental, and spiritual. Using Thai element theory as a guidepost, Iara will structure a session for you based on a holistic picture that may include your current musculoskeletal complaints, as well as your core elemental constitution, and current imbalances.

In your Thai bodywork session, you will receive your massage through loose or stretchy, comfortable clothing on a cushioned mat on the floor. Depending on what you need the day of your session, you may receive a variety of techniques, including but not limited to: deep compressions, passive stretches, point work along sen lines, cupping, scraping, warming herbal compresses, and balms or liniments. 


Iara has had the privilege of completing the 300 hour Traditional Thai manual therapy specialist program through Nephyr Jacobsen at the Naga Center  in Portland, Oregon. 

    Session may include cupping/scraping, and application of herbal balms and liniments as needed for no charge.


Because of the detailed nature of Traditional Thai massage, shorter sessions are best utilized for treatment of one or two areas. A 2hr session can address multiple areas of concern or  general full-body attention. 

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