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Postpartum services

The postpartum period is such a tender time for you, your family, and your little one! Allow me to come to your home and offer you some TLC. Traditional bodywork practices keep your core warm and supported after having a baby, can elevate your mood, relax sore muscles, and allow your nervous system to rest. 

                                                         TLC Package                                                            

[Thai] Belly Binding

Pelvic Steaming

[Thai] Herbal Compresses/Salt compress

Warming tea

Uterine Centering

[Closing the Bones Ceremony?]   


[Other postpartum services: Daytime $35/hr, minimum 3hrs, [Nighttime hours: 10pm-6am: $40/hr or $300/8hrs ($37.50/hr)]

Nursing assistance

Light cleaning/laundry

Holding/feed baby

swaddle assistance

baby wearing assistance]

Light meal prep

Older sibling attention(?)


Steam room at the studio(?)


Steam by itself


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