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Pelvic/Vaginal Steaming 

Virtual Services

Pelvic steaming is a traditional practice that has been practiced on every continent (true?). Unfortunately, like a lot of traditional wisdom, we have lost touch with it.

Vaginal steaming is a lovely way to practice self care that is relatively simple, low cost, and can help support you reclaim a sense of (sovereignty) over issues that can be difficult to treat with allopathic/western options. Not only that but it feels so nice! <3

this simple yet effective practice can address a variety of gynecological concerns, including but not limited to: 

*Menstrual issues 

      i.e Irregular or absent cycles, painful periods, heavy bleeding, clots, brown blood



*Yeast Infections or Bacterial Vaginosis

*Vaginal Dryness 

*Menopausal symptoms

*Fertility concerns

[After viewing your intake, I will select a blend of herbs customized to your concerns. We will set up a virtual consultation where I will teach you how to to steam and discuss a steaming plan for you.] 

                                       [TAKE MY HERB BLEND QUIZ]

                                             [VISIT MY HERB SHOP- include herb blends, muslin cloths,


*A note on negative attention towards vaginal steaming: A quick google search on vaginal/yoni steaming will bring you a variety of negative articles. 

Some common criticisms are:

        *Danger of burns

             Of course, burns can happen if you don't take the proper precautions, which is why it's important to follow the instructions and let the water and herbs sit for 10 minutes with the lid on and fire off before starting, and testing the temperature with your hand, and adjusting if needed.  

        *Messing with vaginal flora

                I'm not sure there is evidence on this claim. Or if someone just made it up. 

             In that case, should we stop going to saunas, baths, and showers? 


             The protocols and herbs I recommend are gentle...

              The protocols are periodic, not constant. 

                In fact, steaming can help to balance an unbalanced vaginal flora with the right herb combinations. 


        *Patriarchal undertones of having to clean a body part that is self-cleaning and not inherently dirty

             While it's possible some people are thinking of steaming in this way, I think for many practitioners this is a gross misunderstanding of how we view steaming. I for one, wholeheartedly agree that the vagina is not inherently dirty and is self cleaning, along with the uterus. However. Just like It's common for people to suffer from constipation, it is quite common for the uterus to suffer from not being able to properly cleanse its endometrial lining each month, due to a variety of reasons ranging from lifestyle/stress/ to hormonal imbalances to physical imbalances of the uterine ligaments. 

        *Skepticism on whether it's actually doing anything. 

Once heard Rosita Arvigo say: Something would not have survived 4,000 years of traditional practice if it didn't work. And "the proof is in the pudding"

           While science may not have directed much attention or funding towards studies of vaginal steaming as of yet, we have 4,000 of traditional practices and millions of women and other's with uterus' to attest to the powers of vaginal steaming. If you are skeptical, why don't you give it a try and see for yourself? There's really nothing to loose. At worst, you will have experienced the pleasant sensations of warm steam on your vulva with no other benefits. 

[Not only that, but due to lack of understanding and lack of connection to traditional practices, it is often looked down upon by western doctors/mainstream culture]. 

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